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Social Media Use In and Out of School: Students, Parents and Educators Speak Up!



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Speak Up 2015 Findings

Social Media Use Out of School

Students (grades 6-12) are more likely to learn about future careers from social media than from summer camps.

  • 37% Learn from Social Media
  • 29% Learn at Summer Camps

How often do high school students use social media?

  Often or Always Sometimes Rarely or Never
Facebook 35% 17% 48%
Instagram 60% 12% 28%
Snapchat 61% 11% 28%
Twitter 35% 12% 53%
Social Messaging Apps 49% 17% 35%
YouTube 76% 16% 8%

Social Media Use in School

43% of students (grades 6-12) say not being able to access social media tools at school is a problem.

46% of all teachers (and 57% of first-year teachers) have pinned a lesson plan idea on Pinterest.

77% of administrators say they use social media tools to communicate with parents and students; 23% say Twitter can be an effective tool for those communications.

55% of parents want to receive text messages from their child’s teacher or school – a 10x increase from 2010 when only 5% of parents had this preference!

When it comes to tech tools in a dream school…51% of students (grades 6-12) said social media tools are included in their definition of the ultimate school so they can connect and collaborate with others. Only 1 in 5 parents agree.

Source: Speak Up 2015 Research Project for Digital Learning Findings - the results of the authentic, unfiltered views of 505,676 students, parents and educators nationwide. Learn more about Speak Up and other research findings from Project Tomorrow at tomorrow.org.

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