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Mobile Learning Snapshot 2015



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Speak Up 2015 Findings

415,686 Students in Grades K-12

How do Grade 9-12 students use mobile devices to help with learning in class?

  • 58% Look up info online
  • 51% Take photos of assignments
  • 50% Use educational apps
  • 35% Take notes
  • 26% Read e-books or online articles

Best device to write a report, take an online test or create a presentation? Grade 6-12 students say the laptop!

Is it important for students to use a laptop, Chromebook or tablet in class for learning? Yes, say…

  • 49% of K-2 students
  • 66% of Grade 3-5 students
  • 75% of Grade 6-8 students
  • 76% of Grade 9-12 students

38,613 Teachers

Are you teaching in a class where your students can use mobile devices?

  • Yes, most students are using their own devices or we have devices for students who don’t have them (17%).
  • Yes, our school assigns devices to students for their use at school (20%).
  • Yes, our school assigns devices to students to use at school and at home (12%).
  • Yes, I can check out devices to use in my class as needed (31%).
  • No, my students do not have regular access to mobile devices (31%).

1/3 of teachers want more PD to support mobile learning, including how to identify mobile apps and how to use devices within instruction.

40,218 Parents

52% endorse the idea of parents providing students with a device to use at school.

64% say they would pay an annual fee to support technology at their child(ren)’s school.

What are the benefits of mobile learning?

  • Greater access to online textbooks (69%)
  • Extends learning beyond the school day (56%)
  • Increases student engagement (55%)
  • Improves teacher-parent-student communications (54%)
  • Learning is more personalized (45%)

Parents are mobile users too!

  • 94% own smartphones
  • 70% own tablets
  • 5% own smartwatches

4,536 Administrators

46% of principals say it is very important that students have access to mobile devices to help with schoolwork at school.

23% of principals report that they have incorporated student-owned devices into instruction with positive results – with 12% considering doing this in the upcoming school year.

How likely are you this year to allow students to use their own mobile devices for instructional purposes at school?

  • 61% currently allow students to use their mobile devices.*
  • 11% are planning to allow students to do this.*

*data from high school principals only

Source: Speak Up 2015 Research Project for Digital Learning Findings - the results of the authentic, unfiltered views of 505,676 students, parents and educators nationwide. Learn more about Speak Up and other research findings from Project Tomorrow at tomorrow.org.

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