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2009 Innovation in Education Award Finalist

Govil Gupta

Award: Emerging Student Innovator
Sophmore,, Northwood High School
Irvine Unified School District

"I created Wonder Writers as a communication channel that would encourage and motivate students to write.  It has successfully completed its mission by providing a channel for young writers to submit their work and meet fellow students with a shared passion.” —Govil Gupta, Student, Northwood High School

Program Description

The desire to create an opportunity for young writers to submit and share their writing talents motivated this young innovator to create a website  whose mission is to encourage and motivate students to write.  Entries are submitted , shared, critiqued and judged.  The third Wonder Writers contest ended recently and received over 300 entries from students of all ages and from all over Orange County and the Greater Los Angeles area. 

Yearning for an outlet to share his writing and express his feelings, Govil learned how to build a website, and spent the summer of 2008 designing and building the website and the program.  He has taken courses in computers, electronics and robotics, digital photography, and video production, as well as numerous advanced math and science offerings.  Govil has also volunteered at the Discovery Science Center for over 100 hours teaching Mindstorms Robotics to students.

While the creation of the Wonder Writers website satisfied Govil in terms of its mission to create a vehicle for young writers to share their work, he also wanted the program to benefit the community.  He published the entries into a book, and all proceeds from their sale go directly to charities chosen by the writers. 


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